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My Must-Have Products for Younger Looking Skin

Like most brands I try, I first came across Re:Beauty on Instagram. I've been doing their social media photography for a few months and was very curious to try their luxury skincare line. I do like all-natural brands, but what I like most of all are skincare products that blend nature and science, as Re:Beauty does. Of everything I've tried over the years, I find that these luxury skincare brands always produce the best results.

Of the various luxury skincare brands I've tested, I truly like Re:Beauty the best, for several different reasons. 

It's a simple line with minimal products. As much of a product junkie as I am, it can get overwhelming. I love that with just a few Re:Beauty products, my skin has been in the best shape it's been in since my early twenties (I'm just a few years shy of 40 now.) And with Re:Beauty, I don't need to use mists and toners and countless serums to maintain it...just a few everyday products and their incredible face masks.

To …

Old Navy Dresses $15 & Up!

I love throwing on a sundress in the summer time. I hate how I look in shorts, not to mention my matching shirts are usually wrinkled and at the bottom of my overflowing laundry basket; everyday I swear I'll get the clothes folded and hung. It never happens.

A simple dress is the easiest thing to just throw on and head out the door and still look great. Plus I love all the cute sandals and accessories that go so perfectly with the dresses. And any figure can rock a sundress. Later this month I'll do a fashion post specifically about which sundress goes best with each body type.:)

Old Navy, one of my most favorite places to get summer clothes, has just launched it's new Getaway Dresses starting at just $15.00! And on theif Facebook fanpage, they even have pics with suggested accessories. Here are a few of my favorites:

Flip flops are fine at the pool, but not if you're going out (unless you're 5 yrs. old). Pair your sundresses with more grown-up sandals like the ones in this picture.

Repeat after me, "I need at least one piece of turquoise jewelry for the summer!"

This one is absolutely my favorite! The only thing missing from the accessories is a bold cuff, or a bright bag, or a long necklace. Coral and turquoise jewelry look amazing with white.

Did I say the last dress is my favorite? This one is stunning! I'd pair it with a white or metallic bag.

All photos above along with other Getaway Dress photos can be found on Old Navy's Facebook fanpage.


  1. I agree Christina, dresses are the nicest, most feminine approach to the hot summer. Great post!

  2. Can't beat the prices at Old Navy. Dresses are going to be my friend this summer with my post baby belly weight slowly coming off. :D

  3. Great post and great dresses.
    I love what you say here
    "Repeat after me, "I need at least one piece of turquoise jewelry for the summer!"
    You can find them in my shop :)

  4. simple and stunning indeed! fortunately I have quite a few pieces of turquoise jewelry! not that there's ever "enough"!

  5. I love to wear summer dresses too. We just went to Old Navy this past weekend and got my kids some new clothes. None for me though:( lol

  6. uniquecozytreasures - just love sundresses.

  7. After eating your Chocolate Almond clusters, I will never fit into a sundress again! LOL! When I was younger I loved these kinds of dresses. Nice article.

  8. So gorgeous, Love this fashion style!

  9. Love these selections! I wish I could wear a sundress and look good in it - can't wait for your post about selecting the right one for your body type! lol Great post!

  10. I also love old navy. Very affordable yet cute and stylish!!

  11. Beautiful selections, I love the last one (the earrings are similar filigree that ones in my shop).

  12. These summer outfits are perfect, I enjoyed seeing how you put them together.

  13. I like Old Navy too! Great styles and prices!

  14. I've had the song for Old Navy's tv commercial in my head all day! Very pretty dresses!

  15. Old Navy is great! got lots of gift certificates there last December--my daughters and granddaughters ( and sons in law!) love that place! ;>)


  16. Whenever they handed out the girly dress gene I think I was absent on that day because I have never been a dress person. I definitely prefer jeans/slacks to dresses and regardless of how hot the weather I always wore boots (until I moved overseas and live in hotter than hell weather that is)

  17. Lol, Dafeenah! I used to be a pant-only girl too, but eventually I converted.


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