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Healthy Halloween Dishes

by DeAnne Troupe from Our Family World

Let's face it, the best part of Halloween is the candy. The scariest thing is what all that candy looks like once it permanently attatches to our bodies. Candy spilling over a pumpkin bucket--good; candy spilling over skinny jeans--bad. Balance all that sugar out by keeping your Halloween dishes healthy. It's not necessary for every Halloween treat to come with extra weight. You can have a screaming good time this Halloween without the sugar and fat. Here are some healthy snacks to make sure that you won't be scared with extra weight.

Scary Stewed Apples

Fall is a great time for apples. The following recipe is a great way to add some apples to your Halloween meal. Stewed apples look beautiful on a tea-table and taste delicious. You can add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and any other Fall spices to make it more festive. Adding cinnamon will give it some sweetness without having to add any sugar.

·         Select granny smith apples, pare neatly and cut in halves;

·         Place in a shallow stew pan with sufficient boiling water to cover them and a cup of sugar to every six apples.

·         Each half should cook on the bottom of the pan and be removed from the others so as not to injure its shape.

·         Stew slowly until the pieces are very tender; remove to a glass dish carefully, boil the syrup a half hour longer, pour it over the apples and eat cold.

·         A few pieces of lemon boiled in the syrup add to the flavour.

Halloween Recipes Featuring Orange Food

People often associate Halloween with the color orange. You can liven up your Halloween festivities by including some orange foods on your menu. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Stewed Carrots
·         Wash and scrape the carrots and divide them into strips.

·         Put them into a pan with water enough to cover them.

·         Add a spoonful of salt and let them boil slowly until tender; then drain and replace them in the pan, with two tablespoons of butter rolled in flour,

·         Shake over a little pepper and salt, then add enough cream or milk to moisten the whole dish.

·         Let it come to a boil and serve hot.

Mashed Carrots

·         Scrape and wash them;

·         Cook them tender in boiling water salted slightly.

·         Drain well and mash them.

·         Work in a good piece of butter and season with pepper and salt.

·         Heap up on a vegetable dish and serve hot.

Carrots are also good simply boiled in salted water and dished up hot with melted butter over them.

Orange Coconut Salad

·         Peel and slice a dozen oranges,

·         Grate a coconut and slice a pineapple.

·         Put alternate layers of each until the dish is full.

·         When oranges are served whole, they should be peeled and arranged in a fruit dish.

·         Break the skin from the stem into six or eight even parts, peel each section down half way, and tuck the point in next to the orange.

Healthy eating does not have to take a vacation just because Halloween is here. Use these easy snacks for kids plus whatever else you can think of to create a scary, yet healthy Halloween party. But let's face it, it's Halloween! Kids and adults alike are going to expect some traditional treats.

Here are some ways to make old favorites more healthy.

Caramel Apples

Caramel and candy apples are a Halloween staple. You can make these with a bit less calories and sugar if you make them yourself. Simply use wrapped caramel squares, which you can find in the baking section of your grocery store, to melt and coat apples. Most store-bought gourmet apples are loaded with chocolate and toppings. Make apples simply coated with caramel and a light sprinkling of heart-healthy nuts. You can also make caramel apples with honey and cream if you want to avoid artificial colors and flavors.

Popcorn Treats

Popcorn balls, kettle corn and caramel corn are also Halloween favorites.You can make a healthier popcorn treat by tossing freshly-popped popcorn with just a small spoonful of brown sugar and some cinnamon. The cinnamon gives it a sweetness and adds instant fall flavor without a ton of sugar.

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