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How to Improve Your Personal Style

An individual’s personal style is something that can set them apart and make them stand out in a room full of people. Even if you aren’t that into fashion, you can still develop a style that people can identify you by. Perhaps you’re wondering how you can improve your style and make it more interesting, or you’re at a point in your life that you’re hungry for change. Whatever the case, you can improve your style at any time you want to, just be open to trying something new. Here are practical ways that you can improve your personal style nevertheless.

Know What Look You’re Going For

Before you can actually improve your personal style, you need to know what exactly you’re looking to change it to. Identify what your personal style is presently and what about it is you want to improve. It could be that you wear too much black and feel like your style is too gothic and want to introduce new and vibrant colors to your wardrobe. Knowing where you want to go will give you an idea of how to g…

Do You Have the New Year's Blues?

by Patty Sherry, January 18th, 2012

Barely into the new year, you find yourself already failing at those resolutions you made. Maybe you didn’t eat healthier like you planned or you didn’t get moving more like you wanted. Maybe you didn’t get organized or ease up on work like you said you would. That person you swore you would NOT let get you upset is there in your face or in your thoughts, upsetting the hell out of you!

Maybe those personal goals you set for yourself haven’t happened yet. The money hasn’t arrived. That ideal man or woman is not in your life yet. Your clothes still fit a bit too snug? Now you find yourself taking score of your life. No, you’re definitely not messing it all up, and you are not a might just be dealing with the post Christmas/ New Years blues. 

It’s so easy to make the end of the year (or the beginning of it) your own personal judgmental time marker. I know I’ve certainly done it in the past. Sometime near mid-December I’ve said and thought to myself, “It’s the end of another year and I still haven’t acheived that goal, met that special someone, gone on that vacation bla bla bla” I’ve gone into a new year hopeful that it would get better, only to then shortly start taking score about it; mad at myself for still dealing with the same old crap from the year before. Disappointed. Frustrated. Wanting answers. Wanting change.

This is where many people can be by the middle of January. Taking score about where we are in our lives, does it really do any of us any good? Holidays, birthdays, and often anniversaries, become the triggers that can just start the mindgames and judgments rolling. It’s taken me some practice in my own self awareness to recognize this limiting pattern.

The key is what the heck do I do about it? Sometimes it’s not much more than stopping myself out loud when I hear myself beginning to go on a self judmental diatribe. When I am aware that I am starting a sentence by using some time line like, “ I can’t believe its half way through January and I still haven’t.....” I literally talk to myself and say, “Patty you’re taking score again, STOP it!” “This doesn’t serve you!”

Sometimes this is enough to snap me out of it. Sometimes not.

When I find myself already emotionally triggered and feeling awful, I’ve come to know NOT to fight the feeling or pretend I’m OK. Instead, I equate what I do to jumping into a shit pool and swimming through the awful feeling that has come up in me. “Swimming through it” is to accept how I feel, and it is the fastest way I am able to shift. It can be a dirty job, and a bit brutal, but I do emerge from the pool feeling somewhat changed. If I ignore or fight my emotions, it really only prolongs the terrible feeling. How else do I deal with the Post Christmas/ New Years blues? With gentleness. I gently remind myself that I am really OK. I’m doing the best that I can. Change is constant. And I remember to breathe. Good deep breaths always seem to center and calm me. When I lay down in bed at night to go to sleep, I will take in at least one good deep breath and let it all out.

Then I remind myself once again that we all tend to use certain times of the year to judge ourselves and others; we all tend to take score, and it just doesn’t serve us in any way. Valentines Day is soon here...need I say more?


Patty Sherry contributes on The Blog Entourage in Wellness. Patty runs her own self-empowerment and coaching company. She offers private sessions as well as workshops. Click here to find out what Patty can do for you. You can  also find more of her inspirational articles on her blog Share Your Love Story.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Patty! I'm sure everyone is dealing with it in some way. I know I certainly haven't eaten a lot healthier or worked out more! But I'm learning to let myself off the hook.:)

  2. Thank you, Patty!

    I haven't made any resolutions, but I hope 2012 will be better then the year behind me. There were good things and rough things going on last year.

  3. This is a wonderful article and we all need it by now. Thank you for this post.

  4. Thank you friends for all of your lovely comments. I love to write reminders for you about taking yourself off the hook and having less I write reminders for you, I write them for me too :)


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