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3 Looks for a Summer Wedding

It seems not too long ago when I shared three looks to wear to a spring wedding. But that season has come and gone so quickly, and summer is upon us. And it is the biggest season of the year for weddings, so chances are you have a few invites and may be wondering what to wear. It's pretty easy to figure out summer wedding attire if you keep the location in mind.

Of course you have the invite to start with as well. It should say "Black Tie Attire" or "Black Tie Optional" or perhaps something like "Formal Beach Attire," and it will have the ceremony time. Generally indoor evening weddings call for more formal attire than outdoor afternoon weddings.

For an indoor wedding, no matter what time of year, you can never go wrong with a Black Formal Dresses. An elegant knee-length cocktail dress, like this FAIRY COUPLE Women's Off the Shoulder Lace Vintage Wedding Party Cocktail Dress is perfect for a black-tie optional indoor wedding, while a sleeveless o…

How to Spring Clean Your Home

I here from a lot of other moms that they aren't sure what they should do for Spring cleaning or how they should organize. Mostly people just become overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I on the other hand am a total neat freak and have OCD, so I am here to help! Here is a list of where to start and what to do.

1. Purge. The most important part of deep cleaning and organizing is purging, getting rid of things that you simply do not use anymore. Follow one rule when purging-if you haven't used it in six months, toss it! Of course you can make an exception if it is something like ski equipment that you use every year during a vacation. For things like that though, I would still get rid of it if you use it less than once a year, and just rent the equipment, unless of course you live in a huge mansion and have endless storage space. It also helps to have someone else with you during the purge, someone who won't be as sentimental about your things as you are. With sentimental things you absolutely can't let go of, like your baby's homecoming outfit for example, don't let it waste space by being crammed into a cardboard box in your garage. Frame it and display it in your child's room. For the things you do decide to toss, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to donate or resell them, so please don't put them into the trash if they are still in usable condition.

2. Deep clean. I like to deep clean after I've purged and before I reorganize, because then I can easily get hard-to-reach places as I'm moving things around. You may find it easier to wait until you've put everything in it's new place. It really just depends on how much you need to purge and which rooms or closets you reorganize. For example, I cleaned out my fridge and pantry this week and reorganized them, so those were much easier to deep clean as I was purging. Lucky for you I used to work for a cleaning company, so I know exactly how to deep clean every room top-to-bottom. I'll make a complete Spring cleaning checklist for you.

3. Organize. After you've purged, it's time to put everything back nice and neat. Why not take it as an opportunity to optimize your storage space and organize things in a way that makes your everyday life easier. This will save you time, and time is money, folks. The biggest thing to keep in mind when organizing is that you need a place for everything, and everything should have a place. This will keep you from randomly tossing things wherever then lately wondering where it is until you're left with another huge unorganized mess. I know this is easier said than done when you have a family or roommates. Something that really helps is labels. To determine where you need to put what, you really need to sit down and think about what your specific organizational needs are. The best way to determine that is to think about what are the obstacles in your daily life that suck your time and energy.
image via Crate & Barrel

For me one of the most cluttered areas is my shoe closet. My children's coats are always on the floor (despite their coat racks) and their shoes are tossed in there in a messy pile. So guess what I am going to get my hands on as soon as possible now that I've got Spring-cleaning fever. Two words: shoe rack. I love this Crate & Barrel shoe rack because it's so tall. Vertical storage is almost always best depending on your space. This would fit perfectly against  a wall in my front closet. Another concern I have with my own storage is office supplies. I have a large glass-top desk from my single days. It's cool and modern, but has zero storage. I've been wanting to replace it with a secretary desk with file cabinet. Those types of desks always have drawers below in addition to cubbies and storage on top. So stop and think as you leave for work, head out to run errands, or get you children ready for school; what are the things or spaces in your home that slow you down and cause you frustration on a daily basis? Those are the places you should make a priority to reorganize this Spring.

4. Redecorate the details. There are some small things, especially in older homes that no matter how hard we scrub, we simply cannot get clean enough or make new again without replacing. Things like broken mini blinds, a cracked tile, a knob missing on a dresser drawer, or a shower cover plate

There is no reason to get overwhelmed by Spring cleaning. Just take it a step at a time, and you'll have a clean and organized home in no time.

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