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How to Improve Your Personal Style

An individual’s personal style is something that can set them apart and make them stand out in a room full of people. Even if you aren’t that into fashion, you can still develop a style that people can identify you by. Perhaps you’re wondering how you can improve your style and make it more interesting, or you’re at a point in your life that you’re hungry for change. Whatever the case, you can improve your style at any time you want to, just be open to trying something new. Here are practical ways that you can improve your personal style nevertheless.

Know What Look You’re Going For

Before you can actually improve your personal style, you need to know what exactly you’re looking to change it to. Identify what your personal style is presently and what about it is you want to improve. It could be that you wear too much black and feel like your style is too gothic and want to introduce new and vibrant colors to your wardrobe. Knowing where you want to go will give you an idea of how to g…

Product Review: Fashion to Figure Envelope Clutch

Fashion to Figure Blouse, $28.00
Fashion to Figure~"Bringing Fashion to the Figure 12-26". Did you know the average woman is a size 12? Even though I was at one time (way back in high school) a size 4, I have been bobbing back and forth between sizes 8 and 14 for years. I love fashion and accessories, but let's face it, some trends are not flattering on larger frames, while other trends simply aren't made in larger sizes as often as they should be. It only stands to reason that there should be more fashion designed to flatter the average body type. Fashion to Figure sells clothing as well as accessories for sizes 12-26, and they bring a fashion-forward, stylized brand to the table.

When I got the go-ahead to take my pick from the site, I went straight for accessories. The hard part was narrowing it down to just one item. They have a lot to pick from in clothing, jewelry, and other accessories; like scarves, belt, and handbags. I'm very picky about how necklaces hang, so I liked how they have pictures to show what the necklaces look like on models. Tempted as I was to pick a piece of jewelry, I've been having a thing for handbags lately (I mean more so than usual).

I went with the black Envelope Clutch with Gold Chain Trim and Strap (pictured  above). I was impressed as soon as it arrived. It was wrapped and packaged to protect the purse from any damage during shipping. As I unwrapped the purse, all I could think was, "this can't be faux leather". It has the look and feel of ultra-soft distressed leather. The next things I check for to determine quality in a purse are the stitching and hardware. The stitching has to be solid, or your purse will give way early on. Of course this little clutch isn't something I'm going to stuff full with my laptop and the usual things I put in my larger bags. It's an evening clutch, but regardless, I noticed the quality stitching. I also noticed that the hardware is good quality. In poor quality handbags, the metallic finish on the hardware is usually painted on, which will inevitabally chip off. I'm sure the hardware on this clutch will last a long time. The chain strap is also adjustable and removable. The chain trim (my favorite thing about the look) is there to stay. Each link is individually attatched to the purse with mini faux leather straps and good stitching. There is also a little inside pocket, perfect for ID's and credit cards.

I test drove this hot little clutch on a girls' night out to grab a few drinks. I paired it with black peep-toe heels, a sequin top and black ruffled blazer (and pants of course). Let me tell you, I felt hot to trot. For Spring, they have something in the season's hottest new color tangerine (pictured below).

Suede Flap Messenger Bag, $55.00

If for some reason a customer is unsatisfied with a purchase from Fashion to Figure, returns are free and easy. And the shipping is very reasonably priced at $5.95 flat rate and free ground shipping on orders over $70.00. If you're in a time crunch, you can also choose 2-day or next day shipping for under $20.00. They do a bit of international shipping and have some store locations.

My experience with Fashion to Figure has been wonderful from start to finish. I highly recommend this brand, and even if you don't wear the sizes they have in clothing, you should take a look at their gorgeous accessories.

*Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was provided a sample for review purposes. All expressed opinions are solely my own.


  1. I am just like you these days, bouncing between an 8 and a 14. What a great place. I love the handbags.


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