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My Must-Have Products for Younger Looking Skin

Like most brands I try, I first came across Re:Beauty on Instagram. I've been doing their social media photography for a few months and was very curious to try their luxury skincare line. I do like all-natural brands, but what I like most of all are skincare products that blend nature and science, as Re:Beauty does. Of everything I've tried over the years, I find that these luxury skincare brands always produce the best results.

Of the various luxury skincare brands I've tested, I truly like Re:Beauty the best, for several different reasons. 

It's a simple line with minimal products. As much of a product junkie as I am, it can get overwhelming. I love that with just a few Re:Beauty products, my skin has been in the best shape it's been in since my early twenties (I'm just a few years shy of 40 now.) And with Re:Beauty, I don't need to use mists and toners and countless serums to maintain it...just a few everyday products and their incredible face masks.

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My 2013 Style Essentials: Vintage, Denim, & A Lot of Studs

The fashion trends of 2012 were ironic, rebellious, and downright revolutionary. Women wore black leather in the summer and floral prints in the winter. Breakout trends like slipper loafers, knuckle-clasp clutches, and collar necklaces quickly rose to the top. I'm happy to say those trends succeeded. If you feel like you missed out on some of 2012's style trends, it's not too late. Granted we'll see a resurgence in additional trends, like 1920s vintage (thanks to Downton Abbey) and all-over denim, but the unique trends from 2012 are continuing into 2013 and will be here to stay. My personal essentials for 2013 are:

1. Blingy iphone Cover ~ there's no denying the advance of technology. It was a long, hard battle, but I'm finally willing to give up my ancient pens and note pads. To keep from missing those pretty little note pads, I'll upgrade to a studded iphone cover.
2. Emerald Green Summer Scarf ~ the 2013 color of the year is emerald green. I usually get a new lightweight scarf or two in the spring, so this year I'm going with a green scarf. A summer scarf is perfect for bundling up indoors when the cafes and theaters tend to have their AC's cranked up.
3. Denim Jacket ~ a top fashion trend for 2013 is all-over denim. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that, but I do love a great lightweight jacket for transitioning clothing during spring and fall. Throw a denim jacket over last season's maxi dress for an instant update.
4. Beaded Peter Pan Collar Necklace ~ collar necklaces are one of my favorite new trends from 2012, and I'm glad it's here to stay. A peter pan collar necklace can dress up a sweater or tee, and it can also transform the look of a blouse or dress. Luckily collar necklaces have trickled down into everyday fashion, so they're available in many stores at many price points.
5. Hard-Case Clutch ~ available in both box clutches & knuckle-clasp clutches, these trendy handbags have far surpassed the traditional opera clutch. Hard-case clutches tend to come in formal designs, but you can make them work for any occasion by getting a light-colored, studded, or patterned clutch rather than the more formal jeweled box clutches.
6. Vintage-Inspired Headpiece ~ thanks to the Masterpiece Classic hit show Downton Abbey, 1920s vintage fashion is making a major comeback. No doubt in 2013 we'll see another increase in mary jane pumps, long beaded necklaces, and ornate chandelier earrings. One of the Downton-inspired trends that is already gaining ground are the delicate headpieces, from jeweled hair combs to ornate headbands.
7. Printed Pants ~ another carry-over trend from 2012, printed pants are here to stay. From fun denim to dressy slacks, patterned pants are going to continue to dominate in 2013. Pairing a denim jacket with printed denim pants is an easy way to pull off the all-over denim look.
  8. Studded Wrap Bracelet ~ wrap watches and studded wrap bracelets are everywhere, and they'll continue to be a top jewelry trend in 2013. I am obsessed with pyramid-studded wrap bracelets in particular. They're great for stacking with other thin bracelets. I already got my studded wrap bracelet for $5 at Charlotte Russe.
9. Sequined Laptop Sleeve ~ sequins and shimmer are always trendy around the holidays, but for 2013, sequined and glittered fashion will continue to shine all year. I'm looking for a new work bag now that I'm writing full-time, so I'm on the hunt for a sequin laptop sleeve.

You can keep up with more accessory trends for 2013 on my style blog The Accessorizer. Tell me, what's on your style-essentials list? Which fashion trends for 2013 are you the most excited about? How about the worst fashion trends of 2012; which accessories will you be happy to leave in the past?


  1. I've had a studded bracelet for years. Thicker than that one, of course. My dad does not approve at all...

    1. Why not?? I've have several for years, so I'm stocked up. But of course it wouldn't hurt to buy some new ones!


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