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KCL Friday Finds

Happy weekend, guys!! I've got one beautiful small biz to share with you today, and then I'm doing things a bit differently for today's Friday Finds. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with complimentary goodies this week, and I wanted to take this time to share my favorites with you. I'll be doing an unboxing video featuring the sample items, to post next week! But first, I did want to share one gorgeous shop with you guys. Check it all out below! Pictured: Minimalist Woven Pillow

Pictured above are some handwoven home goods by Melody Fulone. Her shop is full of unique and beautifully woven wall hangings, pillows, many other home accessories; and even a bit of fiber art jewelry. I really love the neutral colors and the modern designs.

Shop the 2018 Winter Collection. And keep an eye out for a DIY kit for a crochet wall hanging in a few weeks. Melody will also be releasing her spring collection in late March!

This next brand will go into both an unboxing as well as a B…

Two Ways to Wear the Vintage Swimsuit Trend

Vintage-inspired swimsuits are a huge trend in women's swimwear for summer 2013. Variations of the trend include sweetheart necklines, ruching, boy-leg bottoms, high-waisted bikini bottoms, polka-dot patterns, and rockabilly-style swimsuits. The two most popular vintage swimsuits for summer 2013 are one pieces with sweetheart necklines and the high-waisted two piece. Most of them come with a fitted under-wire top and halter straps. A vintage two-piece is the perfect suit if you want to wear a bikini but also want to hide your tummy, since it comes up over the belly button and shows the smallest part of the waist. A vintage-style one piece with ruching can also help camouflage trouble areas. Both types of vintage bathing suits are perfect if you have a smaller bust, as they tend to come in bra-top styles with supportive under wires and sometimes with push-ups.


  1. I had to look up what ruching meant....

    1. Lol. Well, I suppose I'd be worried if you did know what it meant.

  2. I really love the one-piece suits!

    1. Me too! I like them so much more than the two-pieces. I'd feel like I was wearing granny panties in the high waisted bikinis.

  3. I wish I could find a classic red one-piece but even Land's End didn't carry red this year. So weird.

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