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KCL Friday Finds

Happy weekend!! We are still busy over here with getting settled in. I know Ken and I will be utterly happy when we don't have to do anything extra to do...just a normal day-to-day routine plus our dates on the weekends. We will at least be on more of a schedule this coming week, as our kiddos start at their new school! And I've managed to get on a bit of a schedule with work, with just a few extra things on my to-do. I hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy some of my favorite links from the week. Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and relax. Image via Chevrons & Eclairs.

Shopping Guide: Luxe Gifts for Her in Glittering Gold

The female obsession with shiny things starts at a very early age. Whenever I take my daughters shopping, they tend to gravitate towards glass display counters and anything that catches the light. We were just shopping in downtown boutiques the other day, and my 5 year old wanted to touch every single breakable object. Even in a store which had child-friendly items for sale, Kaitlin went straight for the shiny Lollia display of luxury beauty products packaged in glass and gold, displayed on sparkling mirrored trays. The sales woman giggled and said, "She's after the shiny stuff!"

As a mom, I wanted to immediately steer Kaitlin in the opposite direction, but as a woman, I completely understood. It really didn't matter what was in those beautiful bottles, we just had to take a look. Men tend to stress over what to buy for women during the holidays, but it's quite simple. For the girly girl, you can't go wrong with something shiny!

Shop the Guide:  1. Gold Drop Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments  //  2. Michael Kors Crystal Chronograph Women's Watch  // 3. Dolce Gabbana The One Perfume Limited Edition  //  4. Leaf Gold Finish Jewelry Box  //  5. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick  //  6. 1928 Jewelry "Vintage Lace" Half-Circle Filigree Stretch Bracelet  //  7. Gold Moroccan Tea Glasses  //  8. C Wonder gold-tone porcelain candle  //  9. Samsung Galaxy S3 Glimmer Case in Gold Glitter  //  10. MG Collection Shimmering Rhinestone / Leatherette Boat Baguette Evening Purse

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