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Gift Guide for the Dog Lover

I'm so excited to bring you guys today's holiday gift guide. This one is for all of the #dogmoms out there (and #dogdads). My husband and I have a German Shepherd named Emma (who is currently in a time out for pooping inside...again), but just like our other kids, we still love her. We'd also really love it if she'd quit going potty inside, but that is beside the point. The point is there is no shame in spoiling your sweet fur baby, especially during the holidays!! And while some of these gifts are items for your dog, some are great gift ideas for the dog lover in your life too.

The Dogist 2018 Wall Calendar by Elias Weiss Friedman author of The Dogist, for example, is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves dogs.

These super cute Christmas Plaid Dog Collars by Mr. Bow Tie Boutique would be the perfect holiday gift for doggies and dog owners alike! Whether you have family holiday photos coming up, or you simply want your furry friend to look festive for those…

My Top 10 Summer Beauty Picks for 2014

1. BB Cream for the Body - I've been a huge fan of BB cream for the face, so I'm dying to try this BB Body cream for summer. I'll do a product review and let you guys know how it goes after I try it. Pictured above:  Jergens BB Body Cream for All Medium-Deep Skin Tones, 7.5 Ounce

2. Tinted Lip Gloss - I practically live in lip gloss during the summer. A tinted gloss is a nice change from heavy lipstick I wear in the winter. It's easy to keep in my purse when I'm running around between shopping and Barnes and Noble, and I don't run the risk of it melting in my purse if I'm out sightseeing or shopping in a boutique area where I'm doing a lot of walking around outside. I like a lightly tinted gloss with an applicator so I can reapply anywhere. Pictured above: Chanel Summer 2014 beauty collection

3. Bronzer Quad Compact - I'm sure I've mentioned a time or two how much I love my bronzer quad. Every now and then, I like to bust out rich-colored eyeshadow, but for everyday wear, my bronzer compact has replaced my blush and eyeshadow. A bronzer quad with different shades like the ones pictured above is perfect for this. I use mine for contouring, highlighting, as blush and a highlighter and contouring eyeshadow as well. For summer, it's absolutely perfect for traveling. Pictured above: Jane Iredale Moonglow Golden Bronzer, .3 Ounce

4. Travel Cosmetic Case - I love to update my makeup case for spring and summer with something bright and colorful. For summer, I love a hanging toiletry bag for all of my makeup and bath products. Pictured above: SOHO wash bag - Target

5. Summer Nail Polish - Even in the warmer months, I tend to wear wine-colored nail polish or a rich red, but this year I'm getting inspired by all of the pinks and corals. It's hard for me to wear lighter colors with my olive skin-tone. Even whenever I'm in desperate need of a tan, my skin tone just doesn't look right with lighter makeup, but I'd like to find a pink or orange-based shade that will work. I think the melon shade pictured above could be the one. Pictured above: Zoya Nail Polish .5 oz Wendy #734

6. BB Cream - I'm still crushing on BB Cream for the face. It's like a tinted moisturizer for the face that also offers sun protection as well as skin brightening. In the winter I layer it under my foundation, but on a hot summer day, I can get away with just the BB Cream and a quick swipe of powder. It now comes in an oil-control version as well. Pictured above: Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Bb Cream, Combination To Oily Skin, Light/Medium, 2 Fluid Ounce

7. Curling Wand - I have naturally wavy hair, so getting the beach-wave look isn't hard if I use the right products, but I'd like to try the more sophisticated waves this summer that I always see on the red carpet. That is going to take a LOT of blow drying and one of these babies - Bed Head by TIGI curling iron

8. Coconut Oil - So I've tried EVERY oil known to man on my frizzy, dry hair, and I've finally come to the conclusion that coconut oil works best for me. For deep conditioning before washing, I still like to use a mix of olive and vitamin E oil, but as a leave in conditioner and smoothing serum, nothing works better for me  than coconut oil. Pictured above - Spectrum Naturals - Coconut Oil Unrefined, 14 oz liquid

9. Scented Lotion - I like to use scented lotion in the summertime instead of heavy perfume. My current favorites are each by Bath and Body Works. Pictured above: Bath and Body Works French Lavender and Honey, Carried Away, and Pink Chiffon

10. Vitamin E Oil - I've been using Vitamin E oil as a moisturizer for years, and it works so well. I use it on my hair and occasionally use it on my face for extra moisture and an antioxidant boost, but mostly I love it as a rich conditioner on my arms and legs during warmer weather. I recently switched brands when I came across this Jason Vitamin E oil at my local health food store. It was twice as expensive as the kind I usually find at Walmart, but it's also twice the amount. The last bottle I bought for about $8 has lasted me for months. I love how this kind also has apricot seed and almond oil in it; the added ingredients give it a naturally sweet scent that smells amazing, but is subtle enough, I can still wear it with my perfumed lotion if I want to. It's currently even cheaper on Amazon, priced under $8 for one and priced at $20 for three bottles (each option with free shipping available). Pictured above: JASON Vitamin E Oil 5,000 IU Pure Oil, 4 Ounce Bottles

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