25 Halloween Party Foods for the Grown-Ups

A Halloween celebration doesn't have to be all cupcakes and popcorn balls (though those are yummy too). Whether you plan to have other parents over for Halloween, or if you want to throw a grown-up spooky dinner party this Halloween, you'll want to serve something festive yet sophisticated. Here are 25 fun Halloween party food ideas adults will love.

1. Zombie Head Cheese by Not Martha (pictured above)

2. Black Velvet Halloween Layer Cake by Food Plus Words

3. Eyeball Martini by Martha Stewart

4. Red Velvet Eyeball Cake Balls via Food & Wine

5. Decadently Dark Candy Apples by Matt Armendariz and Adam Pearson via Delish.com

6. Tentacle Pot Pie by Not Martha (pictured above)

7. Pork Dumplings with Chile-Sesame Sauce (resemble hearts in a jar) from Food & Wine via Delish.com

8. Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes via cookinglight.com

9. Eye Popping Tomato Soup by Martha Stewart

10. No-Bake Spiderweb Cheesecake by Martha Stewart

11. Mummy Baked Brie by Lindsey Johnson via Babble (pictured above)

12. Black Cauldron Spiked Ice Cream via cookinglight.com

13. Bocconcini Eyeballs with "Blood" Salsa via cookingchanneltv.com

14. Puff Pastry Witch's Brooms via ivillage.com

15. Devilish Eggs via myrecipes.com

16. Spiderweb Hummus Dip by Amy Flanigan at Very Culinary (pictured above)

17. Cheddar Eyeballs via ivillage.com

18. Orange and Black Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce via Created by Diane

19. Bloody Soup Shots by Woman's Day via Delish

20. Witch Finger Cookies by Recipe Girl

21. Halloween Ribs with (Bell Pepper) Stabbed Heart via BHG.com (pictured above)

22. Cheddar and Black Sesame Cheese Straws via myrecipes.com

23. Breadstick Bones via pillsbury.com

24. Spiderweb Pizza Spread via kraftrecipes.com

25. Monster Eye Sausage Balls via myrecipes.com

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