Easy Eyeball Monster Cupcakes

These eyeball cupcakes are perfect for a Halloween or monster-themed party, and they're so easy! You just need a few supplies and basic frosting skills, or you could cheat and get large candy eyeballs. I used icing because I already had it on hand; besides it's less expensive, and you can easily find those ingredients at your grocery store. But if you'd rather spend the extra money, by all means make a run to the craft store for some large candy eyeballs. Though it's usually easier to find the smaller edible eyes, so you could use the same technique with mini cupcakes.

Start with any kind of cupcake you want and smooth on chocolate frosting or any kind of dark-colored frosting. For a colorful party, use white icing colored with green, purple, and orange. Then use white decorator icing to make a circle in the center, and use black decorator icing for the pupil (or top with candy eyeballs).

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  1. Yummy, as long as you don't pay too much attention to the eyeball!


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