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Blogger Style NYFW SS 2018

I've been doing this post for several years now, and you guys always seem to love it more than any other fashion post, so here we go again for the most recent fashion week in New York! Some of my favorite American designers; like Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Tori Burch, and Rachel Zoe had sme amazing spring / summer 2018 collections. But I also love to see the street style, because it fits in with the current fashion season, and well, because it's so fun! Pictured above: KERRently by Courtney Kerr

This year it seemed as if everyone went to fashion week. Usually I have to look and look and look for enough outfits to fill up my post. This year, however, I had to majorly narrow down my picks. Everyone went, and everyone wore multiple outfits a day!

Krisztina's Blog: A Tradition of Gratitude and Giving

A lot of bloggers have been sharing their Christmas traditions this week, and while I do have a few that I try to stick with every year, like the boot in the window for Szent Mikulas and making Hungarian Kifli and snickerdoodles with my little munchkins, my favorite thing is that I stopped the tradition of the Christmas list. I've seen parents stress over getting everything on their children's lists, and it's so unnecessary. I still want to get my girls the things they want, but their attitudes have drastically changed over the last few years. They know they won't get every single thing they want, and I hope that is a lesson that will translate into life in general - not a ho-hum "I never get what I want" kind of attitude, but rather an attitude of being happy and grateful for the things they do get. It takes so much stress and pressure off the holidays. I was joking with my 6 year old Kaitlin the other day and said, "I could give you a flash light for Christmas, and you'd be happy with it." Her face lit up and she said, "I would! I would be so happy! I love to get anything!" I guess all those lectures about needy children finally paid off.

I know from experience that a feeling of gratitude leads to a heart for giving. As a child I had times of my own during which we relied on a local food bank, and I dreaded going back to school after Christmas break to see all of the other kids show off their new clothes and talk about their expensive new toys. Still we were never without what we needed and even enjoyed a few luxuries. Whenever I think about success, of course I think about building my dream home, having a nice car, and having the money to travel all over the place. But I also dream about having enough money to give. I wish I could play Santa Claus to the needy, but it's seems as though someone has already beaten my to it. Next year I plan to start a new tradition with my daughters and that is to participate in Operation Christmas Child. There are several ways to give from packing a shoebox to building one online or simply donating financially.

Have a Merry Christmas!:)


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