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A Vintage-Inspired Home Office

My husband and I have a dream, and a very real goal, to buy a house that we can retire in. On my list of things I'd love for the house to include is an extra bedroom that I could turn into a beautiful home office. I envision a very Instagram-worthy desk, a place to store all of the PR samples I get, and some pretty tufted accent chairs: where I can enjoy coffee breaks with my husband, who luckily also works from home.

When I get inspiration from vintage home offices on the web, I'm most attracted to spaces with a touch of modern glam. My husband and I both like transitional decor - old meets new. For example, I'd pair a modern mirrored desk with one of these antique desk chairs. Seating isn't often the focal point of an office, but why shouldn't it be? We spend all day sitting in it, after all.

My husband and I take frequent breaks throughout the day, with a coffee break here and there and a lunch hour during which we watch one of our favorite shows togeth…

40 Pretty Ways to Organize Jewelry|jewelry|32|best|4294701303|1|24||20&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||Category-_-Organization-_-NoMerchRules

If you love to wear accessories, good jewelry storage is a must to keep your collection organized and in good condition. Make your jewelry storage serve a dual purpose as decor with these beautiful ways to organize and display your favorite trinkets.

Clear Glass Jewelry Cases - Whether it's a shadow box or a modern display case, this is a great way to keep your jewelry protected but still keep it on display. You can switch up the look by lining a case with velvet or beautifully-printed fabric to match your decor. Get a few in different shapes and sizes to cluster together and showcase your favorite pieces of jewelry.

1. Pictured Above: West Elm Glass Shadow Boxes, $24 - $99

2. Vintage Vanity Classic Glass Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage, $45.99

3. J Devlin Bevel & Champagne Keepsake/storage/jewelry Box with Heart Charm, $37.95

4. WANYA Decorative Pentagon Glass Box for Plant Jewelry Display with Hinged Top Lid, $35.99

5. Small Square Glass Keepsake Jewelry Box with Mirrored Bottom, $15.94

Boutique-Style Jewelry Displays - Velvet jewelry stands are such a beautiful way to store accessories if you have room to display them. Use just one or two next to a vanity tray of perfume and fresh flowers, or display a full set of them if you have surface area in a large walk-in closet. Some of these do limit the amount of jewelry you can store, like the velvet necklace stands, but they're so worth it if you have a big statement necklace you want to display. These have become quite popular and can be quite expensive at home decor shops, but if you check online or in the jewelry supply section at the craft store, you can find the velvet stands for under $10.

6. Pictured Above: Pottery Barn Andover Jewelry Bracelet Stand, $49

7. Dial Industries Jewelry Organizer, 3 Tier , $24.99

8. 2 Tier Black Velvet T-Bar Bracelet Watch Jewelry Stand Display, also available in beige linen, $19.50

9. Darice Jewelry Ring Display Tray, 9.4 by 13.8-Inch, Black Velvet, $8.99

10. Black Velvet Half Moon Bracelet Showcase Display Stand, $9.99

Tiered Jewelry Dish with Stand - This is a really beautiful way to store jewelry that you can incorporate no matter how much space you have. Get a tiered stand with a dish at the base to display jewelry in a small space. As you can see with the set pictured above, it's a beautiful way to organize your everyday jewelry, makeup, and perfume in one space.

If you share a bathroom with a roommate or family, it's handy to keep these things in your own space like in your bedroom so you can easily access them if the bathroom is occupied.

11. Pictured Above: 3 Tier Metal Rod Jewelry Organizer and Display Stand with Antique Matte Brass Finish, $22.50

12. Umbra Tesora – Jewelry Organizer/Copper Jewelry Stand with Concrete Base, $30, $21.99

13. Pottery Barn Vintage Metal Jewelry Stand, $49

14. Classic Metal Jewelry Hanger Stand for Earrings / Necklaces / Bracelets, $12.99

15. Umbra Trigem Three-Tier Extra-Tall Jewelry Stand, $25.00, $19.99

Glass Cloche Jewelry Display - If you're looking for the most unique and elegant way to display your jewelry, this is it! If you already have a few small metallic jewelry stands, you can purchase glass cloches separately, like these tall glass bell jar cloche domes. Just be sure to measure them first. Though you can also find them specifically for jewelry at stores like Pottery Barn. Unique pieces like this can look odd on their own. It's best to cluster them in two's or three's of varying heights.

16. Pictured Above: The Emily + Meritt Parisian Heart Cloche Collection, $59 - $79

17. Pottery Barn Glass and Silver Cloche Jewelry Storage, $49 - $99

18. Glass Cloche Bell Jar, $23.00

19. Set of 3 Decorative Clear Glass Apothecary Cloche Bell Jars, $64.99

20. Siyaglass Clear Glass Cloche Globe Display Dome with Wooden Base, $14.99

Decorative Dress Form - I'm a little torn on this idea when it comes to displaying jewelry. While I think it looks great, I've always found dress forms a little creepy. I catch one out of the corner of my eye and think someone's in the room. I could see myself screaming and ninja kicking my jewelry all over the place. But I do think it's such a cute way to store and display statement necklaces, especially if you have a fashion-themed bedroom or office. Perhaps a smaller tabletop version would be best for me!

21. Pictured Above: PB Teen Chambray Dress Form, $199

22. Female Postage print vintage-style fabric Mannequin Dress Form, $29.49

23. IKAYAA Female Torso Body Mannequin Form Dress Display with Wood Tripod Stand Pinnable Size, $46.99

24. Roxy Display Female Body Form, Short Stand, Counter Top Display, $59.95

25. Bonnlo Female Dress Form Pinnable Mannequin Body Torso with Wooden Tripod Base Stand, $38.99

Hanging Jewelry Organizer - If you're pressed for space but want all of your jewelry in one place and easily accessible, this is the very best way to get organized. Mount it on the wall of your bathroom, bedroom, or walk-in closet. Similar versions come with over-the-door hangers, but I can imagine all the jewelry clanking and necklaces tangling. Definitely go with a wall-mounting version.

26. Pictured Above: Wooden Bohemian Design Jewelry Hooks Storage Hanging Organizer, $24.89

27. WELL-STRONG Earring Necklace Holder Birdcage Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer Hanger, $12.79

28. Kashay - (Black) Jewelry Outside The Box - Contemporary Hanging Organizer Display Frame, $24.99

29. Black Wall Mount Jewelry & Accessory Storage Rack Organizer Shelf for Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, & Hair Accessories, $14.99

30. Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, White, $109.99

Decorative Tray - This is one of my favorite ways to organize my everyday jewelry. If you have plenty of tabletop room on a vanity or dresser, use a mirrored or metallic tray to add some glamor to your space and have your daily jewelry easily within reach.

Get creative with things that aren't necessarily "jewelry trays".

A beautiful serving tray, flat mirrored tile or small framed mirror, or even a decorative candle holder meant for clustered pillar candles can serve as a nice jewelry catchall on top of your dresser. Vintage metal trays are pretty easy to find at second-hand shops. When you look for things that aren't marketed specifically as "mirrored jewelry trays", you can find them for a fraction of the price. I found some gorgeous beveled-edge octagonal mirrors at Ross for just $4 a piece. I use them for anything from jewelry trays, perfume trays, and even as fancy appetizer trays.

31. Pictured Above: PuTwo Metal Mirrored Ornate Decorative Tray Jewelry Tray 12'' x 8'' - Champagne Gold Finish, $29.99

32. Magot 18" Wide Antique Gold Mirrored Tray, $29.95

33. Floral Pattern 13" Wide Silver Mirrored Decorative Tray, $19.99

34. Alexis Burnished Silver Mirror Vanity Tray, $44.99, $29.99
35. J Devlin Tra 106-1 Vintage Glass Jewelry Tray with Mirrored Bottom Vanity Organizer, $39.50

Jewelry Tree - Much like a small jewelry stand, a jewelry tree is perfect for a small space, though it's much more decorative, so it's much better for common areas like a bathroom or on display in your bedroom. I like how you can hang whatever you want wherever you want on the branches.

36. Pictured Above: Jewelry Tree with Nest, $53.00

37. Newcreativetop Antique Birds Tree Stand Jewelry Display, $13.90
38. Umbra Orchid Metal Jewelry Tree, Gunmetal Gray, $24.99

39. Bronze Finish Jewelry Tree with Nest, $53

40. Red Co. Petite Jewelry Tree Display Stand, Metal, $39.95

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