Dress to Impress the Ladies {A Style Guide for Men}

I've been asked so many times to put some men's fashion and style guides on the site, but my reply has always been, "I don't do that. I do women's fashion." This time I'm making an exception just for you guys. Though I'm assuming the men who visit my blog aren't exactly looking for fashion advice, while the type of men who actually care about fashion don't really need my advice. Hence why I don't typically do these posts. Perhaps you ladies can nudge your poor men in my direction if you wish they'd put a little more effort into dressing for date night. At any rate, here we go.

Men, we know you like to be comfortable, but please don't show up on a date wearing something that you could also wear to the gym - trainers or a plain old T-shirt for example. If I could give you one rule for dating to impress a lady, it would be to never wear a plain T-shirt. You don't have to show up in a suit and tie, and that would actually be quite strange if you're just going to a movie or a cool bar. But you do need to wear something that is at least one step up from a plain T. For example, it should button up or have a pocket, a V-neck, or collar - anything to make it look like you put in some effort. A simple long-sleeve henley or button-down shirt are two perfect examples of how you can be casual and comfortable yet still look like you dressed to impress. My other main styling rule for guys would be to never underestimate a woman's eye for detail. While men tend to see the bigger picture, as in that girl is beautiful, women tend to see details.Where am I going with this? It's simple, iron your shirt, splurge on a new pair of jeans, and please do not wear flip flops. Don't get me wrong, sneakers are totally fine! Cool even. But they had better be slip-ons or converse for example, as opposed to the kind of sneakers you jog in.

There will be times, like if you're taking a woman on a nicer date, during which you may need to wear something other than jeans and sneakers. Again, a suit is really not necessary, unless you're taking her somewhere like the ballet. But if you're going to a nice restaurant for dinner or an art show or cocktail party, chances are she'll want to dress up and will want you to look equally nice so she doesn't feel overdressed. For this kind of date, dress slacks or at least a blazer are a must. Pair slacks with a nice sweater or dress shirt, and you're good to go! Can I just say how much I like 3/4" zip-up sweaters and shawl-collar sweaters? Yum! Am I right, ladies? Nope, just my weird opinion? Fair enough. How about my favorite combo - grey slacks with a black dress shirt! Then there is also the college professor look - nice jeans with an oxford shirt and casual blazer. With a dressy casual men's look, you can't go wrong with classic oxford shoes. Though my rule of thumb for that would be that unless you're wearing a suit, go with a suede or matte-leather material.

What it really boils down to isn't which labels you're wearing or how dressed up you are. What really matters is that you're dressed appropriately for the date and that you look like you put in effort. I won't go calling names or stereotype to say that men are lazy, but let's face it, you guys like to take the path of least resistance. I'm sure that directly correlates with some survival instinct or mating instinct. When faced with a shirt with buttons vs. a shirt without buttons, the typical red-blooded male will choose whatever is easiest and quickest to put on, am I right? Well, guess what? Females are all too aware of this male tendency towards whatever is easiest. So when we can tell that you've put more effort into what you put on, especially for a date, it makes us feel SPECIAL! And that my friends, is all you need to do to get a girl's attention.

pictured: EXPRESS Spring / Summer 2015 Look Book via express.com  /  Gal Meets Glam for EXPRESS V-Day Picks  / and Damsel in Dior for EXPRESS V-Day Picks

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  1. "When faced with a shirt with buttons vs. a shirt without buttons, the typical red-blooded male will choose whatever is easiest and quickest to put on" ~ All right, who blabbed?

    Well said, Krisztina!


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