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25 Halloween Costumes w/Your LBD

The easiest way to create a last-minute or inexpensive Halloween costume is to start with things you already have. I do it every year, because I get so frustrated with how expensive yet poorly-made most Halloween costumes are. I'd rather use what is already in my closet, or spend a little extra on accessories or a new dress that I can wear anytime of the year. A little black dress is the easiest way to use what you have to create a Halloween costume with a few inexpensive accessories and other accessories you probably already have in your closet.Pictured Above: Halloween Black Mesh Dress

1. Black Cat - This is the easiest way to use your little black dress on Halloween. I know it's pretty much the most generic costume in history, but for good reason - it's just so easy and affordable. It's the perfect last-minute costume for women, because you could really use any black outfit even if you don't have a little black dress. Pair it with your black flats or heels and a…

Snapshots from the Week

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!:) I'm just a few days behind on my weekly snapshots post, so this week's post is not including some very fun (and yummy) things from this past weekend - like picking out my wedding cake with my fiance :) and going to a makeup consult. There is just so much to fit in one post when you've lucked out and found someone to enjoy life with.

We did some more exploring downtown Broken Arrow in The Rose District (aptly named for the beautiful roses that line the sidewalks up and down Main Street). There are so many cute shops and yummy food; it really is the perfect place for a Saturday afternoon. This time we tried a boutique chocolate shop called Nouveau Atelier de Chocolat. Their chocolate case was filled with so many unique flavors; like Irish Creme, passion fruit, and lavender. My part-Irish fiance preferred the Irish Creme chocolate, and I loved the lavender.

We took the kiddos to see Alice Through the Looking Glass...looks like I accidentally grabbed one of their ticket stubs for this shot ha. Oops. We all loved it, and definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.

Another thing I've been wanting to do for a long time and have just had the pleasure of experiencing for the first time, and with my fiance and our kids, was the Tulsa International Balloon Festival. As you can see, it isn't just hot air balloons, which in itself is beautiful and fun to see, but a carnival rides for the kids, and some very yummy treats too.

For a Saturday brunch we checked out a place we've been wanting to for quite some time. La Crepe Nanou serves up a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes as well as other dishes. And the atmosphere is what really sets it apart. We snuggled into a cozy booth and admired every beautiful detail while we kissed and enjoyed the music playing as we waited for our meal.

Another new and very yummy experience for me was when Ken said, "I'm in the mood for New York style pizza." Apparently Tulsa has just the place for that. NYC Pizza near 51st and Harvard has the real deal, as well as some seriously legit cannoli.

Of course you can't have National Donut Day without some doughnuts. Mmmm Krispy Kreme!

The wine we tried this week was Sterling merlot. It had notes of rose and chocolate. My fiance tasted the rose a lot more than I did. The more I drank it, the more I tasted the cocoa. It was pretty bold for a merlot, but smooth. If you like red blends, or even a cabernet, and especially if you like cocoa flavors in wine, this is totally worth a try.

I hope you guys had a relaxing weekend. Have a great week! :)

Images taken with my Apple iphone 5s / See more Snapshots >

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  1. Looks like you had fun last week. Hopibg for you to have a good week always.
    Xo, Christianne

  2. Um, so when I go to Tulsa, I'm dining with YOU! Haha! Girl, all this food looks beyond delicious, I can only imagine what your wedding cake is going to look and taste like, pure heaven! That balloon festival sounds like so much fun, I'm sure you had a wonderful time! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and cheers to a wonderful week ahead!



    1. Haha :) of course, Jalisa! Thanks and you have a great week too!:)

  3. All I could do with any of these yummies is sniff and look. Gluten and sulphites are bad for me.

  4. Nice pics :)
    Mónica Sors

  5. The Irish creme would get my vote, too!

  6. Lovely photos ! I am getting hungry because of you :P <3

  7. That wine sounds delicious!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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