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3 Looks for a Summer Wedding

It seems not too long ago when I shared three looks to wear to a spring wedding. But that season has come and gone so quickly, and summer is upon us. And it is the biggest season of the year for weddings, so chances are you have a few invites and may be wondering what to wear. It's pretty easy to figure out summer wedding attire if you keep the location in mind.

Of course you have the invite to start with as well. It should say "Black Tie Attire" or "Black Tie Optional" or perhaps something like "Formal Beach Attire," and it will have the ceremony time. Generally indoor evening weddings call for more formal attire than outdoor afternoon weddings.

For an indoor wedding, no matter what time of year, you can never go wrong with a Black Formal Dresses. An elegant knee-length cocktail dress, like this FAIRY COUPLE Women's Off the Shoulder Lace Vintage Wedding Party Cocktail Dress is perfect for a black-tie optional indoor wedding, while a sleeveless o…

Snapshots from the Week

This should really be titled snapshots from a week and a half, because I'm just a tad behind between making time for a wedding-show post and my dress fitting appointment and trying to prep for my first beauty workshop; meanwhile still having time with my fiance for our usual, wonderful dates.

Speaking of wonderful dates, we both love to go to the movies. And we found out last week that we had won a $50 gift card for one of the theaters in town. We had signed up for the drawing during a food truck day at Guthrie Green. So in we went to the KHITS office to claim our prize. We used the gift card to see Shallows. It was do I sum it up exactly? It was a great scary movie. It was also very gory at a few points and should've been titled The Top Ten Stupid and Irresponsible Things A Young Girl Can Do If She Wants to Die On Vacation.

For another movie night, we found that $5 Wednesdays at Warren Theater in Broken Arrow now include a screening room with reclined heated seats. The only difference between that one and the regular priced movies with the nicer seating is the $5 one doesn't serve drinks or dinner. But's still a gorgeous screening room with heated reclined seats and just $5 a ticket, and of course regular concessions are still available. Can't beat that.

That time we saw Free State of Jones. It was a very good movie. Violent at times, as is to be expected, but very very good. I'd definitely recommend it.

We ate at Cheddar's before the movie, and oh my word, I forgot how good that place is...super yummy, not expensive, and drinks the size of my head. It's totally one our we-want-to-go-back list.

We took another hotel night away from home. This time it was Country Inn and Suites by Carlson. I'll try to get all of our hotel reviews up on my new Tulsa blog soon. But for now I'll just say that we both definitely enjoyed it. We've been disappointed here and there by some of the hotel choices, and very pleasantly surprised by others. And while this one wasn't a majorly expensive one; it was clean, pretty, comfortable, and very quiet. Perfect for a night of relaxing away from kiddos, pet, and to-do lists.

Brunch was a gold mine for instagram pics. My fiance had taken my to Old School Bagel on Brookside before but we'd yet to check out Old School Bagel South, near 71st on Yale. It's amazing! It looks so cool inside and has a deck out back. The food and coffee are delicious. Pair that with the cozy fireplace and comfy seating and affordable prices; it's a really great place for breakfast or lunch in Tulsa!

I know I'm way behind on recipes for the blog, but I have still been baking and cooking in real life, I swear. I made my fiance this banana cream pie with strawberries. It turned out quite yummy and is so easy! Start with a pre-packaged graham cracker crust then add a layer of banana slices and strawberry slices, then a layer of chilled instant banana pudding and top with more fruit. Such a quick, easy, and yummy dessert for summer!

As I'm a wee bit behind on this roundup blog for the week, we've tried two new wines since my last update. Cupcake Vineyards is one we've been wanting to try for a while. We went with the Pinot Noir, which has cherry, red currants, and a hint of spices. We both really, really liked this one!

You may have noticed by now that we really like reds - pinot noir, merlot, cabernet, etc. What I've found I also really love are red blends and regional red wines. We decided to go with an Italian regional wine and finally gave the Da Vinci Chianti a try. It was sooo good. Definitely one we'd both recommend. It was another red that had a bit of spice paired with the fruity flavors (which we both love), but this one specifically had a hint of black pepper. Very good!! Perfect to pair with dark chocolate!

Of course the highlight so far this week was the Fourth of July. My fiance took me and our oldest daughter to see a big display in town. Boomfest at the Riverwalk in Jenks was perfect...well, someone did forget to turn off the timer on the sprinklers, which went off on God knows how many people who were likely holding cameras and/or other electronics, and that happened in the middle of the fireworks display. I'm guessing whoever is responsible did not have a pleasant day back at work today! Nonetheless it was very fun. The Riverwalk in Jenks is a pretty shopping area with nice restaurants and is near the aquarium. They also happen to have free concerts on Saturday evenings during summer.:)

I'll post more fireworks pics tomorrow, along with the new wedding blog for the week. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have a great week!:)

Images taken with my Apple iphone 5s / See more Snapshots >

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