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The Perfect Housewarming Gift & How to #SmudgethatSh*t

My family and I have recently moved into a new home, and first on my to-do list was a cleansing ritual. Thus this beautiful floral smudge stick from Mystical Blossoms was the perfect housewarming gift. Now, I know, despite how trendy sage has become on Insta, you may be hesitant, or perhaps you just have no idea how one goes about performing a cleansing. To sum it up, it's about being intentional about the kind of energy you want in your home. It's you want good vibes? Do you want to let go of the bad vibes? Great...then as they say on instagram, let's #smudgethatsh*t.

For a quick cleansing, you can use a smudge spray, for example, like this Namaste Smudge Spray; or you can use incense, herbs, a fragrant simmer doesn't have to be something specific. The point is that by adding something tangible to a prayer or meditation, you turn that prayer or meditation into a ceremonial act, and that will make you more confident and intentional about your thou…

Snapshots from the Week

I hope you guys had a lovely week! For most of you it was back to school week, as it was for our girls. I'm ready to settle into a routine and start looking forward to fall!

My fiance and I enjoyed a Starbucks date this week and a few movies as usual. I really like the decor in this one in Broken Arrow. After my future stepdaughter got back into town, we all went to see Ghostbusters for family movie night.

I got a few new makeup goodies - the SinfulColors nail polish in Poisonberry. It's a really great transitional shade for the end of summer and beginning of fall. I also got one of the new Maybelline Loaded Bolds lipsticks in Berry Bossy. Clearly I'm on a berry kick. I do love a good fuchsia color this time of year.

Our French press finally kicked the bucket...which is a serious emergency in this household. So my amazing fiance went out the next morning to track down a proper new one. We're very happy with this Bodum Brazil press. Unlike our old press, it doesn't leak at all on the bottom, the strainer is very fine, so it keeps all the coffee grinds out of the coffee, yet it's still very easy to press down unlike other ones I've used in the past, the water never spills out of the top when I'm pressing, and it makes a decent amount of foam. And it's under $20 on Amazon! That's an excellent price for the quality. You can shop that here >.

We spent some time by the pool with the kiddos. :)

For wine this week, we tried Ecco Domani Merlot. Ken and I were both like...well, it's red wine. In other words, we didn't love it, but we weren't about to let it go to waste, though we probably won't be drinking it again. I believe our favorites when it comes to red wine are still Angeline and the Apothic Winemaker's Blend.

For date night, we were a bit tapped out on movie options since we like to see movies so often, but we were very glad to have seen Pete's Dragon. It was such a good movie. And he spoiled me with a nice balcony seat at Warren with dinner and drinks. Very romantic.:)

My fiance, who has a fitness blog, decided to add in some other workouts in addition to his running routine. When he bought a workout bar and resistance bands, he also got a few yoga mats.:) I've been wanting one to help with my physical therapy. The resistance bands turned out to be perfect for that as well. They really help me work out my muscles a lot harder without straining my back. So maybe, just maybe I can get back into shape despite my back injury acting up again and will be able to work my core and back so I can function much better and be in less pain in the long run.

We had a lunch date at Pei Wei. This place is seriously amazing. It was under $20 for this 8 piece-sushi and a 4-piece wonton appetizer. And all of it was very, very yummy! It's basically the Chipotle of Asian cuisine - quick, affordable, and delicious.

Amidst dates and family time, we did some last-minute back to school shopping, and later during the week went to Meet the Teacher night. I do love being with a man who is a great Dad and attends all of these family things with me. All three of our girls started school on Thursday. I think we are all happy to get back to that routine, and they're each very happy with their classes and teachers. And it was very special to me to send all of our girls off to the first day of school together, for the first time from our home.

The one person who was not at all pleased with back to school - this big baby. Our German Shepherd Emma is adjusting to feeling abandoned on a daily basis ha, but I'm still home most of the time, so she'll be just fine.

With the hectic schedule (and my darn back), we've had plenty of time hanging out at home as well, which I love.:) Going out is fun and romantic, but it's fun to get comfy and grab some snacks and snuggle on the couch too. We rented Crimson Peak (very, very good) and started watching The Man in the High Castle. It's an alternate reality thriller...a look at what life would be like if both Japan and the Nazis had won and taken over the U.S. after WWII.

Whatever your plans are for the evening and the rest of the weekend, I hope you have a great time!:)

Images taken with my Apple iphone 5s / See more Snapshots >

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  1. Such fun photos!
    -Kate //

  2. You've been busy. It's been awhile since we've seen Emma!

    1. Aw, yeah I guess I haven't taken a lot of pics of her this past year...more focused on date pics and wedding stuff lately.:)

  3. I didn't think I could live without my french press, but now that we've bought a Chemex (it's ridiculous), I don't think I could live without THAT!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    1. I hadn't heard of that brand now I'm curious, but we just fell in love with our Bodum ha.


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