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KCL 2018 Beauty Awards

Welcome to the latest beauty edit and the very first beauty awards here on the blog! I’ve tried so many wonderful beauty products this year and wanted to let you guys know which were my top must-have products of the year. I’ve picked from new and small businesses only, as I love to work with indie brands. And like most of the beauty brands I review; most of these are organic, natural, and cruelty-free.

These are the items that long after the required testing and promotion period, I find myself still using and preferring above any others. The're the products which despite a never ending stream of free PR samples, I would still spend my own money (and in some cases have) in order to get more of. And whether affordable or more costly, these are the beauty products that I truly think are worth the price. So if you’re thinking about adding more beauty or selfcare products into your 2019 routine, I highly recommend each of these brands.


I tried several different nail po…

Snapshots from the Week

You really have to find someone you can enjoy life with. I once heard a little dating tip that always stuck with me through the years, and that is that someone who is passionate about food is passionate about life. Early on, dating my now fiance, it was easy to see that he was passionate about nice restaurants, great movies, beautiful places...that is the kind of person to enjoy life with, including both big moments and small, simple pleasures.

This week we've been thoroughly enjoying all things fall. From the new fall decor in stores to fallen leaves here and there, to lots of yummy fall treats. The new fall decor was out at Walmart, as well as lots and lots of candy corn.:)

When we went back later in the week, we got cider with cinnamon sticks and the new Starbuck's autumn blend for 2016. That's what I'm talking about - simple pleasures. This is how you take a simple night at home and make it special. Put on a good movie and have some cider, and a regular evening at home is transformed into "movie night" with special treats. Or fall pancakes on the weekend, for example, and you've got a cozy brunch. These are the sort of things I used to do when it was just me and my girls, and now that I have Ken and his daughter too, I'm totally loving that he enjoys these things too and even comes up with the ideas just as much if not more often than I do.

We also checked out the new displays at West Elm. It's another one of my favorite shops at Utica to browse through for inspo. For the most part, it's a bit more modern than my fiance and I like, but they do have some beautiful pieces and always have cool displays at the Utica Square location.

Pottery Barn was full of new fall and Halloween pieces. You can see all of my fall picks over on the Tulsa Blog. That pumpkin mug was definitely one of my favorites!

Before strolling around Utica and enjoying all of the new autumn decor, we had a lovely lunch at Panera. They don't have their harvest soup out yet, but they did have some very yummy fall pastries out, which you can add on to a meal for just a dollar a piece! I got a pumpkin muffin, and he got a cinnamon type of pastry topped with pecans. The muffin was dense and moist, like pumpkin bread. The cinnamon roll was more like a cromuffin on the inside, so more dry and flaky than expected, but with my croissant obsession, I would've loved it.

The treats had my mind whirling with fall recipe ideas. I added a lot last year, like this amazing caramel apple pie, and this fall sangria from the year before, but I will of course add some new ones this season.:)

The wine we tried this week was The Little Penguin Shiraz. We were having lasagna for dinner, and I was craving something that had a bit of spice to it with some strong fruit flavor. This one definitely worked for that. It didn't dethrone some of our favorites, but we did both like it quite a bit.

Well, I'll take a break from the fall details long enough to wish you a happy holiday! Enjoy the last long weekend of summer. Any fun plans? Ken is taking me for some live Jazz at Guthrie Green this Sunday. :) And we will no doubt enjoy some more fall treats and good movies until then. Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. Beautiful photos!!It would mean the world if you checked out my blog and commented! THANKYOUUU

  2. Beautiful photos!!It would mean the world if you checked out my blog and commented! THANKYOUUU

  3. You look so ready for fall!!! Hugs, Kait

  4. Such lovely pictures + a beautiful post! You are making me so excited for fall!
    -Kate //

  5. Nice snaps dear!



  6. The tone of this post is so warm and cozy! Lovely photos too. They scream fall! :) | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. Thanks! We are just at tad bit obsessed with fall and the holidays in our home.:)


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