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KCL Friday Finds

Welcome to a brand new Friday Finds! I hope you enjoyed this month's Fall beauty edit that I shared earlier this week, and I look forward to sharing more seasonal beauty picks as well as more Fall fashion and holiday decor. This week's picks include a wide variety; from the cutest Halloween dog toy and Halloween mugs and as always some wonderful beauty picks for the perfect relaxing weekend. I don't know how the weather is where you're at, but for us, the air is chilly and we have been having so many grey rainy days. It's the perfect weather for staying in and shopping online. Enjoy!

First, let's look at that adorable Halloween dog toy. At Sweet Beest, where they design pet toys for the modern home, you'll find a nice selection of rope tug toys and fun squeaky toys. Inspired by a love of their pets, home decor, and textiles; the products at Sweet Beest are designed with modern patterns, high-quality fabrics, and natural materials that are better for your p…

Snapshots from the Week

Alright guys, bear with me as I play catch up on the blog. Over the last few months, I have gone down to a few posts a week due to an old back injury, to taking off an entire week after going to urgent care last Friday. I am starting to recover finally, though you will undoubtedly hear me use that phrase again in the future, as this is a chronic pain issue. But as the mug my wonderful fiance bought me, I'm going to focus on the good, like the fact that now I have a caring man to help me make it through those recovery times and to help encourage me to stay better.

I have at times in the past worked my way back up to being quite functional...never as good as before the injury but pretty darn close so long as I keep up with physical therapy and remember my limitations. I did manage to get out of the house with my fiance yesterday and had a wonderful time. I couldn't have managed it without meds and ice and rest afterwards, but we managed it none the less, and that felt good.

Though as I'm behind on my Snapshots posting, I'll save all of yesterday's pics for a roundup at the end of this week. Because as you can see, despite a trip to urgent care and lots of bed rest, I've got plenty of lovely moments to share from last week.:) I also have a lot of wedding pics and updates, mostly from ordering our invitations this month. I'll put all of those on the wedding blog this Wednesday! :)

These beautiful roses weren't "get well soon" flowers, but another of many bouquets my fiance has bought for me. You can read more on why red roses in particular are so special to us and how we're incorporating them into our wedding here >.

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and my fiance loves fall and the upcoming holidays too. (How lucky am I?) We enjoyed a few fall treats, including caramel apples and a very delicious Starbucks pumpkin cheesecake bar.

He also brought home this harvest patch beer that I'd never tried before. Oh my goodness, it is by far the best pumpkin flavored beer out there, in our opinion. It does have the fall spices, as all harvest beers do, but it also had a very distinct pumpkin flavor as well, and it tasted pretty smooth to me too.

As you can imagine, all of this taking it easy has included a lot of T.V. time. When Ken and I were debating whether or not to start watching the new season of Once Upon A Time (which we did), he found out that I hadn't seen the spin off show Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. We binged on that all week, and it was so good! If you like that sort of show but didn't see that one, you should definitely go back and watch it.

We've also gotten into The Man In High Castle. It was a bit slow at first, and still is I suppose, but as the story became increasingly complex and we got more used to the characters, we've decided we like it. And thank goodness for the return of shows like American Horror Story, The Goldbergs, and New Girl! Which shows are you guys watching this fall?

We had some new additions to our decor this week. You know, it would typically bother me, having been on bed rest and very dependent on other people, but when I've got the kind of fiance who goes to the store to get not only groceries, but also comes home with things like flowers, yummy treats I used to buy for myself, and cute Halloween decor...I am just so lucky. How cute are these Halloween candy dishes from Target? I absolutely love getting things for the holidays this year as it's the first year we're in our home together as a family.

I hope the fall season is off to a great start for you too. Have great week!

Images taken with my Apple iphone 5s / See more Snapshots >

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