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KCL Friday Finds

Welcome to KCL Friday Finds! Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some shopping fun! This weekend I’m all about treating myself to an at-home mani for selfcare Sunday and getting that glow with a new skincare routine.

I’m so happy to be using Oh It’s Natural again! Their products are all-natural with simple ingredients, so they're perfect for sensitive skin or for people like me who have a lot of allergies. This 3-Step Complete Hemp Skincare Regimen includes a cleanser, face oil, and sugar scrub. The Hemp All Over face oil can be used as an oil cleanser and makeup remover as well as a moisturizer.

Made with hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, and Vitamin E oil; it’s such a hydrating and nourishing oil. More so than most facial oils I’ve tried, this one really helps to even my skin tone and gives my skin a healthy glow. Hemp seed oil ranks zero on the comedogenic scale, so it’s perfect for all skin types. If you’ve been wanting to try a face oil but have been hesitant, I high…

KCL Friday Finds

Welcome to another KCL Friday Finds! I have the ultimate in self care for you guys this week, as well as some fashion picks that are perfect for Summer. Grab a cup of coffee (perhaps iced coffee) and enjoy these beautiful indie brands. Pictured: Green End Designs Triangle Druzy Dainty Necklace

Green End Designs  |  Owner and designer Katie gets her inspiration from her love for painting and the creative arts and from her family home, which resides on Aquidneck Island, with protected lands that turn vibrant green in the summers. The deep navy blue waters, the porcelain gray sandy beaches, countless hydrangea puffs, and the leaves in autumn are all things that inspire her unique designs.

Green End Designs includes an incredibly beautiful collection of chic, modern, and bohemian handmade jewelry. Current trends like this fringed tassel necklace and metallic crescents are combined with both minimal chains as well as ornate beaded necklaces, like this beaded Crescent Pendant Necklace. From colorful druzy pendants in the dainty collection to the more modern designs, like this marbled circle pendant necklace, you can find the perfect jewelry gift or a timeless piece for yourself.

Self-Made Cosmetics  |  Self-Made Cosmetics is a natural, hand-made skincare company that provides products to make women feel more confident in themselves & their skincare routine. They offer unique products containing crystals for energy healing benefits, as well as naturally derived ingredients that nourish for maximum skincare benefits.

They have everything from a toner, facial mask, and facial oils in the Crystal-Infused Skincare line. Personally, I'd love to try this Black Obsidian and Charcoal mask. I've had a little black obsidian crystal that I've kept on my bedside table for years. This crystal is often used to clear away negativity. The obsidian and charcoal mask also contains tea tree oil, babassu oil, and of course charcoal; so it's perfect for oily and acne-prone skin.  If you have more dry and/or sensitive skin, try their best-selling Ground Oats and Brown Sugar Scrub, made with ground oats & brewed green tea to calm & hydrate the skin, while the brown sugar gently exfoliates.

I will be personally testing out the charcoal mask and their Celestite + Grapefruit Oil, so keep an eye out for them on the August KCL Beauty Edit, along with some sneak peeks on Instagram and Youtube!

Mika Mugs  |  At Mika Mugs, you can find a very large selection of fun mugs and accessories. And when I say large selection, that is a bit of an understatement. There are currently 16 different categories and hundreds of designs to pick from! Naturally, this coffee and blogs mug is one of my favorites. There are so many travel tumblers to pick from as well, like this cute cactus travel mug.

In addition to the wide selection of mugs, you can also get a pretty zip pouch or makeup bag at Mika Mugs. There are so many pretty and funny designs in the zip pouches. I'd say my top pick is probably this "I Came, I Saw, I Contoured" makeup bag. Anything at Mika Mugs can be personalized, and you can request a custom order. If you need a unique mug for a gift, it's definitely the place to shop. You can shop via this link, or use code KCL15OFF to get 15% OFF your order!

Cooltan  |  If you're planning a trip to the lake or the beach this Summer, you'll be needing a swimsuit of course. One thing I dislike the most about wearing a swimsuit (other than having to wear a swimsuit) is that I get the worst tan lines. I know...boohoo, I tan so quickly. But with that comes the most ridiculous lines and having to use self-tanner for weeks after I tan just to get my skin even again. With Cooltan Tan Through Swimwear, we can all say bye to Summer tan lines. All of their Tan-Through Swimwear is made from a unique, high quality fabric called Microsol V that allows you to get a natural suntan right through the fabric about as fast as you would with a medium level SPF sunscreen. No more need for messy oils and lotions! It also dries very quickly to get you back on the go.

They have a selection of women's tan through swimwear, men's swimswear, and T-shirts. And they have a wide variety of styles from classic one-pieces, monokini styles, and cute bikinis like this tan through black cheetah-print bikini. At Cooltan, you can pick from a number of animal prints and colorful botanical prints. I think my favorite is this black, white, and yellow print on the "Rockstar" Tank Top Suit. It's also available in a bikini. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Loil Life  |  This beautiful brand provides handmade bath and body care made with botanicals and all-natural ingredients. Loil Life is an organic company that infuses their products with essential oils and herbs, and their products are all preservative-free. The company started with essential oils as a natural alternative to medication that the owner was taking for multiple sclerosis. She began making organic bath and body care products for herself and it grew into the organic bath and body care brand it is today. She hand makes all of the products from the product itself to the labeling. As you can see in the photos above, the packaging is quite lovely.

From herbal bath soaks and bath bombs to scented body scrubs and artisan soap bars, they have everything you need for a #selfcaresaturday. After a nice soak in the tub, you can prep for a relaxing at-home mani with the Loil Life Cuticle Cream, made with a moisturizing blend of natural butters and oils and scented with a subtle layer of citrus essential oil. I will also have the pleasure of reviewing this brand personally, so keep an eye out for them on KCL Beauty as well.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek at these incredible brands! Use the links below to browse and shop, and as always, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

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