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KCL 2018 Beauty Awards

Welcome to the latest beauty edit and the very first beauty awards here on the blog! I’ve tried so many wonderful beauty products this year and wanted to let you guys know which were my top must-have products of the year. I’ve picked from new and small businesses only, as I love to work with indie brands. And like most of the beauty brands I review; most of these are organic, natural, and cruelty-free.

These are the items that long after the required testing and promotion period, I find myself still using and preferring above any others. The're the products which despite a never ending stream of free PR samples, I would still spend my own money (and in some cases have) in order to get more of. And whether affordable or more costly, these are the beauty products that I truly think are worth the price. So if you’re thinking about adding more beauty or selfcare products into your 2019 routine, I highly recommend each of these brands.


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KCL Friday Finds

Welcome to KCL Friday Finds! I hope you're ready for Christmas. I know the holidays can be overwhelming, so I've got some picks today that will make your New Year's Eve celebration super easy! All you really need are a few metallic decorations, some bubbly, and someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. 😘

For some fun Insta selfies, these foil fringe gold curtains are perfect! For New Year's, pair it with these fun New Years Photo Booth Props, then save the backdrop for later use if you have any parties coming up.

Having a few well-defined areas is the easiest way to decorate for any party. And since food is always a must, decorating a drink station or snack buffet is the perfect way to create a festive atmosphere. Dress up your buffet with a New Year Banner and some matching Happy 2019 Cupcake Toppers.

For the big New Year countdown, ditch the kiddie noisemakers and go for these chic party poppers. At En Fete you can customize their New Year's confetti poppers by color. And enjoy Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more!

Thanks again for stopping by Friday Finds. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!!

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