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KCL Friday Finds

Happy weekend, guys!! I've got one beautiful small biz to share with you today, and then I'm doing things a bit differently for today's Friday Finds. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with complimentary goodies this week, and I wanted to take this time to share my favorites with you. I'll be doing an unboxing video featuring the sample items, to post next week! But first, I did want to share one gorgeous shop with you guys. Check it all out below! Pictured: Minimalist Woven Pillow

Pictured above are some handwoven home goods by Melody Fulone. Her shop is full of unique and beautifully woven wall hangings, pillows, many other home accessories; and even a bit of fiber art jewelry. I really love the neutral colors and the modern designs.

Shop the 2018 Winter Collection. And keep an eye out for a DIY kit for a crochet wall hanging in a few weeks. Melody will also be releasing her spring collection in late March!

This next brand will go into both an unboxing as well as a B…

Partnership Opportunities

Since starting Krisztina Clifton Living, I've gained experience with a variety of collaborations including sponsored posts, banner ads, social media promotions, and editorials. I've been approached by big brands like Minted, MODCLOTH, Glossier, Serena & Lily and many more. I love to take an idea and turn it into a helpful article, or to take a product and build beautiful editorial content around it.

I've been blogging for over ten years, which for me has meant much more than just writing. I have done my own SEO, editing, graphic design, web design, branding, styling, and photography and wouldn't have it any other way.

My biggest passion is promoting small businesses, as I am a small business owner myself and have played the roll of both shop owner and publisher, with additional experience in SEO and online marketing. I believe that combined experience provides my sponsors with the total package. For smaller brands who don't have their own social media managers or marketing firms, for example, I play the roll of product promotion in every aspect necessary. From content creation to SEO to social media promotion, I'd be happy to help promote your shop, product, or giveaway.

First, let me fill you in on my core readers, because the best promotion begins with picking the right audience for your brand!

On both social media and, my largest group of readers are female ages 25-35. The Krisztina Clifton reader is a stylish and modern woman who likes to keep up with the trends. Her top interests include fashion, beauty, home decor, and cooking. The holidays are without a doubt the time that my readers are online and shopping most often! Here is a screenshot of the Pinterest categories my core readers are most engaged in...

A look at Krisztina Clifton Living stats....

My biggest source of traffic to my own site is Pinterest! Thus I can assure sponsors that the links I pin will generate traffic to their products. I currently receive 235,000 page views per month on Pinterest, and have received anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 impressions, as you can see below, on my most-saved Pins.

My Pinterest audience by location... currently get 30,000 page views per month, with the top-viewed post being my weekly sponsored post KCL Friday Finds!

I also receive 20,000 impressions per month on Twitter and 30,000 per month on Instagram.


Current Sponsored Opportunities at Krisztina Clifton Living Include:
  • sponsored article
  • Intagram post
  • Pinterest promotion
  • banner advertising 
*Paid sponsored articles include added promotion across all social media platforms and can include anything from a giveaway to a product review or an editorial article. Product reviews include the same, in addition to a Youtube video review.


Do you trade product for post? I occasionally accept product for post without compensation, so just ask if you're interested.

Do you need a sample product in order to promote my brand? I do require a full-size sample product if I need one for review purposes. I do not however, require a sample item for sponsored editorial articles as long as the sponsor provides media for the article.

Do I have permission to use your photos? In the event that a brand provides a sample product, I love to take beautiful images to help promote their brand. Sponsors are free to use these for non-commercial purposes and are encouraged to use them on social media. For permission to use them for commercial purposes, email me for rates.

Do you have stats on how much traffic you have driven to a sponsor's site? I do not track that information (that would be quite a lot to keep track of), but I can say that from my experience promoting my own affiliate links and articles, I can see that I do have great deal of reader engagement. Otherwise I wouldn't feel right charging sponsors.

Do you have a guaranteed Return On Investment? I do not, and quite frankly, who does? I get this question a lot, but even Facebook and Twitter don't offer a ROI for their advertising platforms. I believe that the service I'm providing is worth just the branding and social media boost alone.

That being said, I do have firsthand experience with driving sales, because I generate them for myself through Amazon affiliate links. I can also see firsthand that my social media increases web traffic. Whenever I want to boost my own stats, for example, all I have to do is pin a link or Google+ an article, and I immediately see my page views go up!

I love to hear back from sponsors, particularly the Friday Finds and small business promos, that they have experienced a "dramatic increase in site traffic" and have had "sales pouring in" sometimes on the very same day their feature was posted.

Advertising Rates

The Friday Finds feature is just $25 per shop. It's where I suggest shops begin if they're interested in advertising with Krisztina Clifton Living, as it is a very affordable way for them to gauge if my readers are a great fit for their products. It's also an opportunity for me to see if the brand is a good fit for me! 

Other rates may vary, as I like to offer discounts to smaller brands, and editorials including my photography tend to cost a little more. You can see my portfolio here , and please contact me at if you are interested in working with Krisztina Clifton Living. If you aren't sure what would be best for your brand, I'm happy to make suggestions regarding content. Any other questions regarding a potential collaboration, just ask!

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  1. Krisztina Clifton was a pleasure to work with ! She promoted my shop on many platforms on November 8th. I sell handmade party decor on etsy and my views instantly increased. Within minutes I heard the ‘ cha chinggg !!!’ Sound ! I was super busy for the next few days making those orders ! Thank you so much !

    1. I am so thrilled that you had so many extra orders right away! :) Your shop was the perfect addition to the Chic Friendsgiving Guide. Thanks again!! :)

  2. Krisztina Clifton Was Great! She Is picky on what she takes on for work. I love that. She's very selective and works hard at promoting your handmade items. I would recommend Krisztina any day over a these other blogger out there just looking to make money. Krisztina is different! She's one of the very best. She will bring you more traffic to your shop / website! That's what makes her the best! 😁 Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks so much, Susie! I love continuing to see your candles on social media. Your products are so beautiful, and it is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks!! :)

  3. KCL Friday Finds are the best! Krisztina Clifton was simply amazing to work with. She did a fantastic job featuring my shop which led to sales within 24 hours plus an increase to my shop traffic. Thanks Krisztina!

    1. You were lovely to work with as well, and I was so glad to hear from you when you got increased sales. It always makes my day to hear that from sponsors! :)

  4. I’ve loved working with Krisztina for the Holiday gift guide! It’s increased my followers and now I use her Friday finds for my own shopping!

    1. Definitely a great way to increase followers! Thanks again, Morgan and thanks for shopping other Friday Finds posts!!

  5. I have worked with a few other bloggers and I would have to say that Krisztina was truly awesome to work with! I love how informative she is about exactly what she will do for you. And she is on pretty much every social media platform there is, which gave me great exposure! I definitely recommend working with her, and I hope to work with her again soon!

    1. Thank so much, Kashy!! You were a pleasure to work with too, and your store is so incredibly beautiful. You are welcome back anytime! :)


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