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Gift Guide for the Dog Lover

I'm so excited to bring you guys today's holiday gift guide. This one is for all of the #dogmoms out there (and #dogdads). My husband and I have a German Shepherd named Emma (who is currently in a time out for pooping inside...again), but just like our other kids, we still love her. We'd also really love it if she'd quit going potty inside, but that is beside the point. The point is there is no shame in spoiling your sweet fur baby, especially during the holidays!! And while some of these gifts are items for your dog, some are great gift ideas for the dog lover in your life too.

The Dogist 2018 Wall Calendar by Elias Weiss Friedman author of The Dogist, for example, is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves dogs.

These super cute Christmas Plaid Dog Collars by Mr. Bow Tie Boutique would be the perfect holiday gift for doggies and dog owners alike! Whether you have family holiday photos coming up, or you simply want your furry friend to look festive for those…

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